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Addison in Real Life



Hello Visitor,


Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork, I hope you are enjoying it. You might want to consider how wonderful it would be to live with a piece or two!


Who am I? Mostly my life is devoted to making art, looking at other artists’ work, making more art, plotting new directions for my art and cleaning up after the art I have made. I am a visual person; I find beauty in most things I look at from the brilliant blue sky mixed with luscious white and grey clouds to the patterns of cracks found in a cement walk way. I feel that design is a powerful force that runs through me. Are there such beings as Jedi Artists that control the Force? That is how I feel when I am creating artwork, like I am harnessing a greater Force and bringing it into the visual world.


I was born in Bezerkeley CA, grew up in Gainesville (formerly known as Hogtown!), FL (Go Gators), went to college in Austin, TX (Hook ‘em Horns!), briefly lived in CT which was the first time I experienced the amazing sights of a real fall season of colors. I went to grad school in Philadelphia, PA. Lived briefly in Cary, NC, then back to Austin to teach at Austin Community College and eat some good Tex-Mex. Austin is beautiful and wonderful and unfortunately an expensive place to live. I left Austin after one too many long hot summers and after the speedometer in my pickup truck melted! I still miss it very much. I moved to the Raleigh area of NC for several reasons but being able to enjoy the true change of seasons and to live around tall trees was a big factor. I might not be done moving around; I would dearly love to live in the mountains, possibly in the Pacific Northwest.


My constant companion these days is a mutant Chihuahua mix named Livie (aka Little Girl) and my newest addition a beautiful tri color Rough Collie named Jasper who keeps me busy keeping him out of trouble. I am also owned by a Green Cheek Conure (a small green parrot that is very bossy) officially named Riley but who is usually called by the unimaginative name Little Bird. There is a hole in my life needing to be filled one day by a green eyed cat. I trail ride horses when I can find the time. I have given up on the idea of owning a horse after realizing just how much work a horse can be, so I will just ride my friend’s horses. Thanks Nancy.



Thanks to all my friends who have been supportive of me and my art (in no particular order): Beth, Nancy S, Nancy G, Susan, Linda and Buster, Vincent, Vivian, Julie, Marina, Lilian, Lisa, Terrell, Eliz, Pat, Catherine, Ann, Sue and Marriott. And a big thanks to my brothers Eric and Tony. I should thank my one time mentor Sandy too.


Thank you to my mother Dr. Joeann C. Paige and my Grandmother Nana (Ann B. Chandlee) for all the support you gave my early art career, I miss you both very much.


Thank you to my father, even with all his flaws he did say to me while I was in college “why don’t you try art, you are good at it, just have a backup plan”.