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Acrylic painting Addison Paige #20 Movement Contained  by Addison Paige

Addison Paige #20 Movement Contained

#20 30" x 40" x 1 1/2" Acrylic and charcoal on canvas. 2013

This painting has another painting underneath it that I started out just to tweak but instead the paint got out of my control and a good portion of the original painting was covered up, though some good bits still show through. The paint almost won the battle but in the end my drawing on top of the paint gave me back a level of control. Most of the art I have made over the years is in some ways about creating the illusion of movement and sound, I think this painting is one of the most active and musical paintings I have ever done. It found the perfect home!

I have continued the painting over the edge of the gallery wrapped canvas so that this painting does not require framing. 

*If shipped outside the continental US this painting will be rolled and shipped in a plastic tube.