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Acrylic painting Addison Paige #125 A Horse Arrives in Blues  by Addison Paige

Addison Paige #125 A Horse Arrives in Blues

#125 36" x 48" 1 7/8" Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 2015

I have loved horsed since I was a child. They have been the subject of my art from time to time over the years. I am drawn to their imposing size and presence and the way they can be calm and steady one moment and startle and flee the next. They can be gentle and dangerous. This is the first horse I have brought into my work in awhile. Strangely he is the calm in the midst of chaos, maybe this is a nod to one of the best riding teachers I ever had; an older Quarter Horse mare named Lady. She had been a one hard ridden cow horse in her younger days. Lady was the one horse I have ever been completely sure that she would never spook at anything. I wish I had met her when she was younger and learned more from her. Bomb proof and chaos proof was Lady. I miss her. 

I continue my paintings over the edge of the gallery wrapped canvas so that they do not need to be framed.