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Acrylic painting Addison Paige #117 Underwater by Addison PAIGE

Addison Paige #117 Underwater

#117 36" x 72" x 1 7/8" Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 2015

Here is a quieter chaos that takes place underwater. I love the amazing color of the water in the Caribbean and that it is so clear you can see through it down to the bottom. I also saw this kind of clear to the bottom water when I was a kid living in Florida where there are countless blue spring caves that gush out clear water into deep pools, the water only turns the typical brown color once it has flowed downstream and has been stained by tree leaves. There was one river we went canoeing on called the Ichetucknee that had clear water for miles, it is a memory that I will never forget. The lines in this painting are remind me of the plant life that was underwater and flowed and bent with the current of the river. 

I have continued the painting over the sides so that this piece does not need to be framed.